Parker Lowe was on the FBI’s shit list. In his brief career he’d worked, and eventually fumbled the biggest kidnapping case in decades. The embarrassment he’d caused the agency assured that he’d be working on the sidelines for years to come. So when he was first-on-scene of a murder, he knew he’d be pushed aside shortly. This was no typical murder either. The daughter of five-term senator Jefferson Stanton and her lover were professionally tapped just a few blocks from the nation’s capitol building.

Predictably, he was immediately sent off on a wild goose chase. His superiors wisely keeping him well out of sight of the press, and well out of sight of the outraged Senator. But what nobody anticipated was that Parker’s wild goose, Carly Williams, linked to the murders through impossible circumstantial evidence, would quickly become the center of an earth shattering revelation.

Soon the two are on the run as a mysterious government agency, covertly known as the Gemini Section, attempts to eliminate every fragment of Carly’s existence. The secret? A revelation that has the potential to literally destroy the criminal justice system in every corner of the planet.

Meet the characters.


Who am I? 

I’m… impulsive, loud, uninhibited, and some tell me a little crazy.  I’m a fighter too so don’t piss me off. Oh, and people only think I’m crazy because I spent a ton of time in various psychology departments and offices while I was growing up.

Wait a sec! I’m not that kind of crazy. I wasn’t institutionalized or anything. I mean, it’s not like I’m seriously crazy. I’m just kind of a savant when it comes to words and patterns and stuff. My dad’s a well-known poly-sci professor and when I was three and started doing some advanced things with words, he took me into the psych department at his university.  They couldn’t get enough of me and over the next fifteen years I got real comfortable around psych departments, you know, doing this test or that.

In fact, I got so comfortable I majored in psychology in college. I’m trying to finish up my doctorate right now.  If people would just leave me and the environment alone, I could probably get it done. Oh yeah, did I mention that I like trees? Yeah, try to cut a tree down on my watch and you’ll have to go through me.

Anyway, I do have this one little problem.  Somebody decided that I killed a senator’s daughter and her girlfriend.  Of course they can’t really explain how I did it when I was sitting in jail a hundred miles away at the time. They also can’t explain why I’d even want to kill her. She was just some rich prissy party chick. But see, those things require logic and I’m learning that the FBI is anything but logical. Now they’re even trying to kill the FBI guy who came out to investigate me.  Real bright huh?

Anyway Parker, the FBI guy who took me into custody, will figure it out with my help. Well, unless they kill us first. I’ll be honest, that would suck.


Hi, I’m Parker Lowe, FBI

Have you ever been absolutely positive about something?  I’m not talking pretty sure, or almost certain but flat out positive, and then had it turn out to be wrong? Well, let me tell you something, if and when it happens it makes you doubt pretty much everything.

See, I got almost perfect grades in school. You don’t do that unless you’re right. Then, I was among the top of my class at Quantico when I applied for a position in the FBI.  Again, you have to be right about stuff. Then the first few cases I worked had some kinks, but I saw through them. I saw things that others missed, and I made the biggest contributions towards resolving those cases.

I even got a reputation. People would say…”I don’t know, ask Parker, he’s usually right.” It feels good to hear you’re right, but it feels even better to actually be right, almost all the time.

So there I am, winding up what might be the biggest case of my career. I have absolute and unquestionable proof that a nanny was involved in a kidnapping. I even participated in a national news conference and let the entire world know what I’d found. Hey, why not? It was rock solid evidence.

Then, and I still can’t figure this out, it turned out that everything I thought was wrong. I mean big time wrong.

So now what? I’m on the bureau shit list. I get crap assignments with burned out dinosaurs as my partners.  Honestly I’ve considered looking for work elsewhere, but I’m not sure who would hire a guy who washed himself out of the FBI before he was 30.

Now I’m on another case.  It looks big, and guess what, it looks like I’m wrong again because this is definitely not going down how I imagined.

Oh yeah, if Carly can’t shut her mouth, I’m going to kill her.