K. Thomas Murphy has been at the forefront of computer innovation since the early eighties.  After studying computers and software programming in college, he began a long and successful technology career.   His experiences range from teaching computer methods and applications in public schools, to managing the IT infrastructure of companies large enough to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

“Many people who have a natural intuition or understanding of a subject, have a hard time explaining it to others,” Murphy says, “I’m just fortunate that my brain was wired to understand and explain technical concepts. Communicating what I know has always involved writing, whether it’s a curriculum plan for students, or a multimillion-dollar tech proposal for private industry. I need to explain the subject matter in such a way that there are no questions, no mysteries, and no surprises. What really moves me, is when somebody has an ah-ha moment after something I’ve explained becomes clear to them.”

Not only does Murphy intimately understand most aspects of technology, he understands why many of us don’t. In writing, his passion is making highly complex technical systems accessible to everyone. By using artful metaphors and analogies, he strives to make the most complicated ideas not only understood, but also enjoyable to his audience.

Readers aren’t the only ones benefiting from Murphy’s interpretation of technical issues.  He’s been involved in technology curriculum development for the State of Washington and currently volunteers his services to several non-profit entities. He serves as a technical advisor to both privately held companies and boards of directors.

Almost every task Murphy performs starts with a what if. What if this piece of equipment fails, what if that person pushed the wrong button, what if somebody used computers to execute a grand fraud.  “The things I write about could so easily happen, it scares

me,” Murphy claims. “The power that even one person with a solid grasp of technology can wield is frightening.”

His current occupation is IT manager for a large privately owned corporation, a position he’s held for over a decade. It keeps him close to his first passion, high tech systems, while allowing time for his second, writing about them.

Murphy lives with his wife in the Rocky Mountains of Montana.