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Sheet steel is inherently hard, flat, industrial and generally very 2-dimensional.  I love that with the right design applications I can start with sheets of very ordinary steel, and turn them into wonderfully organic, soft looking art.  While almost any subject is possible I get the most powerful pieces when I put tremendous thought into the shape.  When the marriage between method and subject is just right, the art grabs and holds your attention. 
Raw, yet refined. I think a lot of us can relate to that. 



Please visit Sundog Fine Art in Bozeman Montana to see these pieces in person.  


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Most of my work is never seen in galleries or on display.  I’m frequently contacted by potential clients who have something specific in mind, like my styles and techniques, and want me to turn their vision into a reality. I relish the synergy, the dynamic-creative energy that rises between two parties working towards a common goal. Generally, the end product is something greater than either of us imagined in the beginning. Contact me directly to discuss your ideas.

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